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Centrum Edukacji Ekologicznej - warsztaty ekologiczne na terenie MOB
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The Municipal Botanical Garden in Zabrze is still not widely popular, but we do believe that it is worth showing and promoting. It is the only place in Silesia with such a big number of various taxa of plants which makes it didactically, ecologically and possibly scientifically important. It consists, in the park section, of about 5000 specimens of trees and bushes (260 taxa). We also have a collection of about 200 perennials (including native plants). In 2004 a rose garden with 2500 roses was set. There are 64 different forms, such as erect shrubs, climbing, trailing, miniature and many-flowered roses.

In the summer annual plants are a special feature of every garden. There is also a collection of such plants in our garden, and when they bloom we can admire the wide variety of colours: red and blue salviae (commonly known as sage), blue floss flowers (ageratum), yellow and brown marigolds (tagetes) or beautifully colourful dahlias, canna lilies (canna) and numerous other plants.
You are invited to visit our greenhouses in which we grow over 340 different taxa of plants (5000 specimens) which originate form various parts of the world.