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The history and the layout of the Garden

The Municipal Botanical Garden is situated in the centre of Zabrze. According to the division of Poland into climate zones, the Silesian Upland is located in the western climate zone and is characterised by mild and warm climate with some ocean influence thus creating suitable conditions for vegetation.

The Garden was initially created in 1938 as a school garden. Unfortunately, during the second word war, the whole documentation of it was lost. We only know that during the war it was used for growing vegetables. In the 50's it was extended by 3 hectares. At present the garden is in the shape of an irregular polygon of about 6,5 hectares. The main entrance for visitors is situated in Piłsudskiego street.

There are four main parts of the garden: the botanical section, the park section, the playground and the utility area with the greenhouses. The botanical part of the garden consists of planting beds and resembles French gardens which are regular and symmetrical with beds separated by a hedge.

The park section, however, represents a completely different style and resembles English gardens. Geometry is not important any more and free and natural landscape is created. The style of this place is best emphasised by a picturesque pond surrounded by willows. This area is especially visited by romantic people seeking seclusion and wilderness.